Documents you need to apply

• Visa application form (you can print out this document and fill it out before coming to the consulate)
• Medical insurance and repatriation to Swaziland, should be valid for all Schengen States and the complete duration of the intended stay and it should be covering the traveller for a minimum of 30.000 euros.
• Passport : must be valid at least 3 months after expiration of your schengen visa.
• Application form - to be fully filled in on both sides, and signed.
• background Photograph - 2 per person (SIZE 3,5x4,5 cm), face on a plain light.
• Covering letter from your employer.
• Last 3 salaries slip and original contract of employment.
• Invitation letter with full details - if you are going to attend a seminar, training course, etc....
• Attestation d’Accueil - (Proof of Accommodation) if you are going to visit friends, family, etc... This official document is delivered by a town hall in France to the person who is inviting you.
• Flightbooking.
• Financial means : Personal bank statement (for the last three months) with the cover letter form your bank.
• More information and proof or documents could be required.

You are requested to pay 60€ for the costs of file. This payment does not guarantee automatic issuance of the visa. Payment must be made in Mozambican Metical only

PDF - 98.5 ko
Aplication for visa Schengen
(PDF - 98.5 ko)
PDF - 316.1 ko
Required documents
(PDF - 316.1 ko)

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